IG Connect (Not Connected)

Law Firm: Baker & McKenzie
Firm Size: Large
Released: November 8, 2013
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free


Back in 2013, one of the more prolific law firm mobile app producers, Baker & McKenzie produced an app, IG Connect, that provided a resource on Information Governance. We admit that we overlooked this app at that time. While this app is currently available for download at the Apple App Store, the app itself displays only navigation screen and no content. We have reached out to Baker & McKenzie to see if they plan to reactivate the content.

When working, the app appears to include Information Governance Jurisdiction Risk Profiles, Best Practices, Tip Sheets and Checklists.

One interesting feature in this app is special password protected content for “Premium users” of the app. While Law Firm Mobile did not get access to this content (or the free content), this area allegedly includes¬†enhanced Information Governance country legal summaries and comprehensive guides. We expect more law firms to take advantage of this functionality providing walled off “premium” content for clients and/or other select users.

Another interesting aspect of this app is that it was c0-produced with Iron Mountain. Such a move allowed the firm to not only share the costs of app production but also assist in the promotion and distribution of the app.

We look forward to an update from Baker & McKenzie.