Fish & Richardson Post-Grant

Law Firm: Fish & Richardson
Firm Size: Medium-to-Large
Released: March 24, 2014
Platform: iPhone (iTunes), Android (Google Play)
Cost: Free


Fish & Richardson‘s first mobile app provides a resource on post-patent grant proceedings. The app complements the firm’s post-grant proceeding practice.  As stated by the firm:

Post-grant proceedings are mechanisms for challenging the validity of patent claims before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB) at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), rather than the more expensive and time-consuming route of challenging a patent’s validity in federal district court.

The app has the following features:

  • Descriptions of each type of proceeding
  • Up-to-date listing of all district court stays relating to inter partes review (IPR) proceedings
  • Post-grant proceeding news alerts, including decision summaries
  • A listing of the firm’s webinars focusing on post-grant topics

Karl Renner and Dorothy Whelan, co-chairs of the Post-Grant Practice Group, remarked:

Post-grant work requires a potent combination of technical know-how, patent prosecution skills, and litigation savvy.  We hope practitioners will find our app to be a helpful tool in navigating this new and rapidly evolving terrain.

The amount of content for this app is impressive, and we credit Fish for a relatively bold graphic design for this app. The larger sized typeface with a very readable font for major headings and most content text works well. However, a big pet peeve of ours is when the user is “kicked” out of the app to another website. For this app, the firm clearly takes the user from the app to the firm’s own website for certain types of content (e.g., the “More” button when viewing one of the stays).  What is worse, in many cases, there is no more new information for a given stay at the firm’s website.