Robert Ambrogi’s 4th Most Important Legal Tech Development in 2013: Mobile

Robert J. Ambrogi, via his LawSites blog, recently came out with his picks for the 10 most important legal technology developments of 2013.  Number four on his list was: “Mobile became the driving force in technology development”:

Mobile technology has dramatically changed the face of law practice. We are connected 24/7, able to work from anywhere, expected to respond immediately. According to the most recent ABA Legal Technology Survey, 90 percent of lawyers are checking work email from wherever they are. Somewhere north of 90 percent of lawyers use smartphones and increasingly greater numbers use tablets. This is driving legal vendors to create new products and adapt old ones so that they work across platforms. It was almost a year ago that I reported on the Thomson Reuters announcement that all its new product development would focus on integration across mobile and the cloud. Since then, I’ve heard vendors repeat that theme over and over again.

While his commentary focuses on the work of legal vendors, his point applies equally to law firm based mobile initiatives.