What’s the Next Step After Creating an App? Promotion, Promotion, Promotion

App publishers of all types have a challenge of getting users to discover and download their app. Law Firms are no different. It can be frustrating to go through the processes, time, and money to create a new resource app, and then see few people download and use it. (Please set your expectations realistically. Law apps are by definition niche apps. Even the best legal app in the world will not approach Angry Birds level downloads).

No matter the quality, apps do not promote themselves. So, as you are developing your app, do not wait for launch day before working with your marketing department to come up with a marketing and promotion plan for your app. Below are some ideas to get you started:

Internal Promotion 

The internal aspect of promotion is often overlooked. While firms may spend some time on thinking about external promotion, very few consider and implement a good plan to fully promote an app within the firm itself. Some approaches to internal promotion include:

  • Email announcement to attorneys and staff.
  • Set up poster-board announcements at strategic locations within the firm (consider slapping a QR code on the poster).
  • Announcement at practice group meetings.
  • Announcement at a general partner meeting.
  • Post an announcement and perhaps a  You Tube video on the firm’s intranet home page describing the app’s main features.

By maximizing those within your firm who know about and use the app, the more likely those attorneys can promote the app directly to clients, contacts, and other audiences.

External Promotion

In addition to internal efforts, there is a wide range of possible external promotion options:

  • Post a news item on your firm’s website.
  • Create a special web page on your firm’s website dedicated to the app (linking to  applicable app stores).
  • Issue and distribute a press release.
  • Send an email announcement to clients and contacts.
  • Employ your social media channels.
    • Send out a tweet about the app.
    • Create a Status Update on LinkedIn (for your firm’s account as well as for individual attorneys at your firm).
    • Create a video on your firm’s YouTube channel describing the app’s major features.
    • Send out a Facebook update.
  • Make sure your app is listed in as many App store directories and App listing sites as possible.
  • Reach out to relevant publications and blogs that might be interested in what your app can do for that publication’s audience.
  • (And, of course) Contact Law Firm Mobile.

If you have any other suggestions for app promotion, feel free to post a comment on this blog post.