Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP – SALT Shaker app

Law Firm: Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP
Firm Size: Large
Released: November 1, 2013
Platform: iPhone (iTunes), Android (Google Play)
Cost: Free


Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP recently released its Sutherland SALT Shaker app that provides a resource on important state and local tax (SALT) developments.

Features of the app include:

  • Multi-state tax developments, searchable by state, tax type or topic
  • Interactive US map to access updates by region or state
  • Ability to save or share content in a “Briefcase”
  • Receive alerts when new SALT developments are posted

Jeff Friedman, a Washington D.C.-based partner in Sutherland’s renowned State and Local Tax practice, comments:

“The Sutherland SALT Shaker app allows our practice to quickly and effectively communicate these developments to our clients and friends and makes it easy for users to find, sort and view content. In a lot of ways, the SALT Shaker app heightens the dialogue we have established within the SALT community.”

Sutherland has pulled in one of its clients to support the app. Tom Donnelly, Vice President of State and Local Tax for Comcast Corporation, stated:

“Those of us responsible for monitoring SALT developments have been eagerly awaiting an app that allows for tracking and storing relevant state tax developments. Like the best smartphone apps, it takes something that can be inconvenient or time-consuming and makes it easily accessible.”

Sutherland has had a bit of fun in the app with a Pet of the Month feature, which shows members of the firm (and firm friends) and their pets. While we can see the reasons for showing the human side of lawyers, we can’t say that this is a feature we would recommend in a mobile app.

We are impressed that this app is part of an integrated marketing campaign by Sutherland’s tax practice. Using the SALT (State And Local Taxes) acronym , the firm has published a newsletter, blog, and “A Pinch of SALT” column published in State Tax Notes which complement the new app. Also, the firm has put some thought into promoting the app. In addition to distributing a press release which is indexed by search engines, the firm features the app on its website home page. One suggested fix: the link from the website goes to a PDF document instead of a webpage; this is not an expected behavior by a website visitor.