The Drum Keeps Beating – Reports on the Importance of Mobility for Law Firms Online Marketing

In a short time span, a number of legal news outlets have reported on the major growth in mobile platform use (smartphones and tablets) by the legal community. The¬† blog recently reported and commented on the importance of mobile for law firms in the article, “Mobility Matters More Than Ever for Online Marketing in Law Firms.”

The article started by citing a comScore study that found “in 2012 the U.S. smartphone market surpassed 50 percent market penetration and all signs point to continued growth”. The article then proceeded to cite additional statistics and then suggested that it is the time for law firms to optimize their web sites for mobile users. “Without doing so, potential clients who may come upon your site through a mobile device and bounce away due to a poor user experience.”

The article then provided some suggestions on how to approach developing mobile websites, including “responsive design”.