Noerr Dawn Raid Guide

Law Firm: Noerr
Firm Size: Large
Released: June 15, 2011
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free

Over time, large law firms have created a variety of substantive resources that respond to needs of clients. European firm, Noerr, has come up with a creative mobile app – a tool for emergency situations when the user’s company is under a  “dawn raid” by the European or German competition authorities. (For those of you less familiar with firms on the other side of the Atlantic, Noerr is a leading European law firm – with more than 450 professionals, with offices in Germany, Central and Eastern Europe, London and a representative office in New York.) Noerr believes that the app will be useful for company management, legal department and senior managers in emergencies.

Functions on the app include

  • Guidelines on basic rights and duties and recommended conduct during the search.
  • Ability to make an emergency call directly to counsel (naturally, partners at Noerr).
  • Through an emergency function, the “Noerr Dawn Raid Team” can also be informed by e-mail of the search and support requested.
  • Firm news and comments on current developments in the areas of competition law, compliance and anti-corruption legislation.

Potentially, this type of app could be useful to help a client coordinate and act property in the event of a dawn raid.

To promote its app and provide more information about it, the firm has created a website page to the Dawn Raid Guide under domain as well as a brochure.

Dr. Michael Bergmann, one of the responsible attorneys at Noerr for the design of the app, remarked:

[In the event of a search] “The first minutes are often crucial. Unprepared employees tend to hinder the actions of the officials – with devastating results. The European Commission and national competition authorities can impose drastic penalties on uncooperative companies and are confirmed in their zero-tolerance policy by the courts of the European Union.”

The firm believes that the “Noerr Dawn Raid Guide” can prevent such avoidable errors.

Law Firm Mobile applauds Noerr’s efforts in creating the first-of-its-kind app as well as preparing the appropriate promotional materials to get out the word about the app. Even so, we are a bit skeptical about companies actually relying on generic guidance not tailored to the personnel and needs at a specific company. Even so, this app could be the first step to law firms creating mobile apps that are customized to the needs of individual clients. Such apps would need to be uploaded by each company’s IT department rather than through the app store.