Article – Mobile More Important Than Desktop For Blog Publishers

Kevin O’Keefe over at LexBlog recently wrote a blog post entitled, “Mobile more important than desktop for blog publishers”.

He starts his post reporting on the fact that the New York Times refreshed its mobile web site and quoting the NYT Editor of Emerging Platforms who stated at the end of 2012,

In the next 12–18 months, many news organizations will cross the 50 percent threshold where more users are visiting on phones and tablets than on desktop computers and laptops.

Accordingly, given this trend, Kevin concludes that law firms must focus on publishing for mobile platforms, not the desktop. Making mobile the priority includes making sure one’s content is easily accessible  and shared on mobile devices. He also recommends that you read as much content as possible on mobile devices to fully appreciate how content is best consumed on smartphones and tablets.

Read the full article here.