2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey: Mobile Trends

Greentarget, InsideCounsel and Zeughauser Group have released the results of their 2013 In-House Counsel New Media Engagement Survey. This unique report provides some important insights into in-house counsel’s use of social media and mobile devices. Law firms and software developers should take a good look at this data as part of considering whether to devote resources to mobile strategies and efforts.

Some of the mobile highlights from the report include:

  • To read general business information,
    • 53% of in-house respondents use a smartphone.
    • 39% of in-house respondents use a tablet.
    • 23% of in-house respondents use mobile apps.
  • To read legal industry trade publications and information,
    • 24% of in-house respondents use a smartphone.
    • 18% of in-house respondents use a tablet.
    • 6% of in-house respondents use mobile apps.

So what does this data mean for law firms serving the corporate community? This data is consistent with the general trend of increasing smart phones and tablets use by the general public and business users. The data demonstrates that in-house counsel have significant experience using mobile phones and tablets for business purposes. While in-house counsel use of these mobile devices for law-related information is lower, it is significant.  To us, this gap shows the extensive opportunity that exists for law firms to provide legal information and value-added resources to their clients.