Article – Law Firms and the Mobile Web: A legal manager’s guide to website optimization for mobile devices

Alex Heshmaty recently wrote an article on the mobile web in the April/May 2003 edition of Legal Management: The Magazine of the Association of Legal Administrators.

The article has the following sections:

  • What is the mobile web?
  • How important is the mobile web?
  • How to optimize a site for the mobile web (including Screen Size, Touch Screens)
  • Successful Mobile Websites Implemented by Law Firms (mentioning Faegre Baker Daniels, UK firm Harold Benjamin, and the importance of metrics)
  • Future of the Mobile Web

In the article, Melanie S. Green, Chief Client Development officer at Faegre Baker Daniels, said,

The ability to see mobile visits versus desktop visits to our pages is crucial to success measurement. This, with our ability to create mobile-accessible custom pages, allows us to run some campaigns with a mobile-first strategy.

Another person quoted in the article, David Gilroy, Sales and Marketing Director at Conscious Solutions, mentioned:

Currently there are three primary reasons why someone would check out a law firm via their mobile device: (a) they want to find the firm, (b) they want to call the firm or (c) they want to read up on the person they are meeting/calling.”

The article can be found here.