Hogan Lovells Mobile Web “Application” – A Work In Progress

One of the distinguishing features of law firm mobile apps (i.e., actual applications that are on your phone) v. mobile web apps (i.e., web pages that attempt to behave like applications) is that apps that are offered as  legal resources have always been implemented in a mobile app form. Until now.

Hogan Lovells has put together a launch page on its web site for mobile apps (found here).


While there is currently only one selection on that page, the firm’s Chronicle of Data Protection, perhaps there are plans for additional resources.

We commend Hogan Lovell’s effort to make a legal resource available on smartphone, but the firm’s implementation falls short. (See the screen shots below). The graphical presentation of the data does not reflect the professionalism of the firm. The interface needs more work, and, after reading an initial page of a content item, the user is required to click a “continue reading” link in order to read more. And, even then, the app appears to take the user to the web optimized version of the blog of the same name.

It may be that this web app is in beta testing. It may be the HTML is not optimized for our iPhone 4 screen. In any event, the firm should take another look at this approach and provide it the design and programming resources needed to make it a first-class effort.