Article – Notable Large Law Firm Mobile Web Sites

Law Firm Mobile’s Editors were recently interviewed by TechnoLawyer “Notable Large Law Firm Mobile Web Sites”. The introduction to the article is as follows:

Coming today to BigLaw: Smartphones have outsold traditional computers since 2010 — a trend unlikely to change. Therefore, it’s important for international law firms to have a web site that works well on smartphones, enabling your clients and others to quickly find information such as an office address, a lawyer’s contact information, and even a lawyer’s assistant’s contact information. In this issue of BigLaw, mobile web site experts and publishers of “Law Firm Mobile” Matt Gross and Law App Guy walk you through nine notable large firm mobile web sites. They point out design elements that work well and some that don’t. As you read their insightful commentary, you can visit each mobile web site on your smartphone. Also, don’t miss the BigLaw Pick of the Week for an unscientific albeit interesting survey on why lawyers leave large law firms.

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