Article – 2013 is year of mobile business development for lawyers and law firms

Kevin O’Keefe over at LexBlog recently posted an article about how “2013 is year of mobile business development for lawyers and law firms.”

The article uses a blog post by Clair Cain Miller at New York Times’ Bits Blog as a jumping off point about the importance of the mobile space for businesses in 2013 in terms of connecting with customers. One statistic cited in Ms. Miller’s article was that: “People spend 63 percent of their time online on desktop computers and 37 percent on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.”

After reviewing a number of data points from Ms. Miller’s blog post, Mr. O’Keefe applies the statistics to the legal sector. His takeaways include: the importance of internet networking for lawyers, including via smartphones and tablets; the expectation that website visitors to law firm websites via desktop computers will decrease in favor of mobile device users; the recommendation that lawyers explore Facebook and its mobile app as part of networking efforts; and the observation that applications designed for networking are best used on mobile devices/tablets, not traditional computers.

To read his full post, go here.