Pillsbury Sourcing Deal Tool Kit

Law Firm: Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP
Firm Size: Large
Released: June 18, 2012
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free

Pillsbury Winthrop recently released an app sponsored by its Global Sourcing practice. The intent of the app is to provide a tool that helps sourcing deal makers negotiate and manage contracts.

To that end, the app offers the following calculators:

  • Downtime: Determines the amount of service downtime permitted for a given availability/uptime percentage.
  • Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA): Indicates COLA increases over time in different jurisdictions, a calculation that effects vendor’ charges and may be subject to caps.
  • Credit: Computes the amount of service credit due to providers’ service-level failures.

The app provides functionality to use multiple currencies, including US dollars, Euros and British pounds. In addition to the calculators, the app include access to content from Pillsbury’s SourcingSpeak blog.

In releasing the app, Joseph Nash, a consulting principal with Pillsbury Global Sourcing, said:

 “We designed Sourcing Deal Tool Kit as a fast, reliable way to crunch performance and cost numbers at the negotiating table with service providers… Translating contract terms into business and performance metrics historically requires a lot of offline legwork, but now customers and providers can quickly turn to their iPhones for reliable calculations instead, which can save time and further empower decision makers by keeping them well informed.”

We commend Pillsbury for going beyond a standard firm description app and putting together a substantive tool that can be used by business people. It is not clear how much deal makers will actually use this app, but it is this type of experimentation in apps that the legal sector needs.

– Law App Guy