HB The App

Law Firm: Houthoff Buruma
Firm Size: Large
Released: January 31, 2012
Platform: iPhone, iPad (iTunes)
Cost: Free

Houthoff Buruma (HB), the Netherlands-based business law firm, has truly broke the mold with its second law firm mobile app. The firm has created a game that works best on an iPad, aimed at students with the goal of teaching skills in the professional services realm.

The game is mission-based. Users are presented with a 360-degree photo realistic world based in a law firm office. One navigates around the office in order to resolve a business situation, with a client waiting in the boardroom for the final solution. In order complete the game, the user needs to complete tasks and talk with various personnel to get input. The firm claims that new missions will be added on a regular basis.

While MoFo may have the first firm law firm to have a game within an app, HB has put some real resources into creating a stand-alone law firm game app. While time will tell whether the resources for producing the app will pay off for HB in its recruitment, this app shows that law firms can be creative in their mobile efforts.

See our interview with HB’s Director of Marketing & Business Development here.

– Law App Guy