Uría Menéndez – iPad

Law Firm: Uría Menéndez (Spain)
Firm Size: Large
Released: February 3, 2012
Platform: iPhone, iPad (iTunes)
Cost: Free

Uría Menéndez is one of the first large law firms in the world to create an app especially for the iPad. The app itself focuses on the substantive legal resources created by the firm’s lawyers.

The application offers the following firm content:

  • Legal updates covering developments on many areas of business law.
  • Full set of articles from the firm’s law magazine, Actualidad Jurídica Uría Menéndez.
  • Practical guides on specific legal areas.
  • Articles by Uría Menéndez lawyers in third-party publications.

The application contains articles written mainly in Spanish and Portuguese as well as some English. Content searches can be done by language and practice area.

The application allows users to download any of the publications and read them without an internet connection. Other features of the app include notifications when new articles are published, links to the authors on the firm’s main website, and filters and content sharing.

The most impressive aspect of this app is that the firm designed an interface that was appropriate for the iPad screen, as opposed to just blowing up an iPhone sized interface. When navigating through articles, the app provides a “FlipBoard” type experience — again, kudos for developing on the iPad in an appropriate way. A negative about this app is when one actually selects to an article to read — the app typically brings up a PDF of the article (probably housed on the firm’s website) instead of letting the user natively read within the app. This isn’t the end of the world because one can easily enlarge text on the iPad, but it does take away from the experience.

– Law App Guy