Should Law Firms Create Apps? Part 2: Perspective from the Consulting Sector

As a response to those who have made blanket statements the lack of value in law firms producing mobile apps, we previously blogged about major accounting firms’ production of mobile apps. As another part of our exploration into professional service firms’ mobile presence, this post provides the results of our cursory search to see if business consulting firms have offered mobile apps.

Similar to the accounting sector, as shown below, we found a number of consulting firms who offer mobile apps. If  prominent consulting firms find that apps provide value to their current or perspective clients (or recruits), then perhaps apps may provide value to some law firms as well

Examples of consulting firms and their apps include:

  • The Boston Consulting Group — bcg.perspectives (iPad)
  • Booz & Company — Business Case Interview Prep (iPhone)
  • AT Kearney — Tech Advocacy Newsletter (iphone)
  • Arthur D. Little —  PRISM Magazine  (iphone)

– Law App Guy