The Time For Law Firm Tablet-iPad Apps Is Neigh

Within the next couple of weeks, the Law Firm Mobile blog will cover what are likely the first iPad apps ever developed by two large law firms:

  • Houthoff Buruma – a business education game  intended as a recruiting tool (released on January 12, 2012)
  • Uria Menendez – a compilation of substantive legal resources by Spain-based firm (released on February 3, 2012)

Some preliminary observations:

  • Neither of these firms is US-based.
  • Both apps are for the iPad.
  • Both apps were actually designed for the iPad rather than just porting an phone-sized interface.
  • Both apps are very different from each other (recruiting v. substantive legal publications).

The iPad (yes, I know Android tablets exist) provides enough screen real estate for law firms to create some really interesting resources. Perhaps, 2012 will be the year that law firms show their clients that they too can provide creative tablet-based value added service.

– Law App Guy