AmLaw 200/Global 100 Mobile App Report for 2012

As a complementary effort to our report on the use of the mobile compatible websites by large law firms, the Law Firm Mobile (LFM) blog is pleased to announce the completion of its research on which firms from the AmLaw 200 and Global 100 have entered the world of the mobile apps.

Below, we first present summary statistics on the extent of mobile app penetration by large law firms. Second, we describe our general impressions of this data. Last, this report provides a detailed list of the names of those law firms offering apps along with URLs to app reviews done by this blog as well as links to applicable app stores.


  • Of the firms on the 2011 AmLaw 200 list, 16 firms (8%) have mobile apps (compared to 37 firms [19%] with mobile compatible web sites). These 16 firms produced a total of 20 apps.
  • Of the firms on the 2011 Global 100 list, 17 firms (17%) have mobile apps (compared to 22 firms [22%] with mobile compatible web sites). These 17 firms produced a total of 21 apps.
  • The AmLaw 200 and Global 100 firms together have produced a total of 26 apps.

Firms with More Than One App

  • Of all the firms in the AmLaw 200 and Global 100, 4 have produced more than one smart phone app: Arnold & Porter, Latham & Watkins, Littler Mendelson, and Allen & Overy.

App Platforms

  • Of the 26 apps produced by AmLaw and Global firms, all of them (100%) are offered on the iPhone, 4 are offered on the BlackBerry (15%), and 2 are offered on Android (7%).

Type of Apps

  • Of the 26 apps produced by AmLaw and Global firms, 3 (12%) were focused on recruitment, 10 (38%) presented general information about each firm, and 13 (50%) provided legal resources of various types.

Initial Impressions

Large law firms are moving tentatively into the mobile app space, more tentatively than small and medium sized firms (who are not subjects of this report). The statistics may appear to show that the app participation rate is about half of that applicable to mobile compatible websites. However, if one breaks the AmLaw into the first 100 and second 100, we see two very different rates of participation. Of the 16 AmLaw firms with mobile apps, 13 are in the AmLaw 100 (3 are in the AmLaw 200). The group of the largest US law firms has an app participation percentage significantly closer to the AmLaw mobile web rate than their somewhat smaller brethren. While there is a general perception that smaller law firms tend to be quicker with innovation, in this case, the data shows the opposite when it comes to the creation of apps by the AmLaw 101-200 tier of firms.

While mobile compatible website efforts have been generally limited to information about the law firms themselves (i.e., mini-version of the main website), law firm apps have provided a platform for a wider range of uses including recruiting, games, and legal resources. This difference is rarely mentioned by commentators in evaluating the pros and cons of producing an app v. a mobile compatible website.

The fact that all the apps produced thus far have focused on the iPhone platform with only a small number on the BlackBerry and Android may go to the strength of the Apple iOS ecosystem, the perceived security of the iOS platform, or even a perception that large clients are most likely to carry Apple devices versus the others.

While there are arguments both pro and con for getting into the app game, a significant portion of smartphone users are focusing their phone activity on apps rather than websites.  The firms mentioned in this report are the forefront of taking advantage of this channel to connect with clients, prospective clients, and others. We look forward to seeing how firms continue to improve reaching out to clients via app technologies.


AmLaw 200 Law Firms With Mobile Apps

  1. Arnold & Porter
  2. Baker & McKenzie
  3. Epstein Becker & Green
  4. Fried, Frank, Harris, Shriver & Jacobson
  5. Goulston & Storrs
  6. Latham & Watkins
  7. Littler Mendelson
  8. Locke Lord Bissell & Liddel
  9. McKenna Long & Aldridge
  10. Morrison & Foerster
  11. Paul, Hastings, Janofsky & Walker
  12. Shearman & Sterling
  13. Skadden
  14. Squire, Sanders & Dempsey
  15. White & Case
  16. Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice

Global 100 Law Firms With Mobile Apps (global firms in AmLaw not duplicated)

  1. Allens Arthur Robinson
  2. Allen & Overy
  3. Clayton Utz
  4. Eversheds
  5. Norton Rose


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