Wage and Hour Guide

Law Firm: Epstein Becker & Green
Firm Size: Large
Released: January 31, 2012
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free

Epstein Becker & Green, a national labor-employment law firm, has created a mobile app resource for employers, human resources personnel, and in-house counsel. In particular, this “Wage & Hour Guide” for Employers provides access to the federal wage-hour laws and those of many states (including California, the District of Columbia, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, New York, Texas, and Virginia).

The volume and range of wage and hour claims that employees have filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act and state law equivalents have made compliance with these laws quite challenging. With this app, users can find the answers to many wage-hour questions, including citations to applicable statutes, regulations, and guidelines. The app also provides access to the firm’s wage-hour blog. The firm promises that more states will be added to the app in the near future.

Frank Spadafino, EBG’s Chief Information Officer, said,

The widespread use of iPhones and iPads, which many of us carry throughout the day, and the convenience of using an app rather than going to a website or having a hard copy, provided the perfect opportunity to introduce a new way for employers to access this valuable information.

Michael Kun, who leads EBG’s national wage and hour practice group said,

The multitude of class action and collective action lawsuits that employees have filed under the Fair Labor Standards Act and its state law counterparts have made compliance with the intricate wage and hour laws more critical than ever before… we felt it was time to develop an app that would provide information and guidance to employers on these issues.

At LFM, we are fans of law firms that create mobile substantive resources for clients and potential clients. One nice touch to this app is that EBG gives the user the option of which state guides to download into the app, instead of assuming that everyone wants all the information for all states (thus consuming more storage space on the phone). At the same time, we suggest that EBG invest a bit more in refining the graphics and UI to make the app as professional looking as the content therein.

– Law App Guy