Law Firm:  Littler Mendelson P.C. 
Firm Size: Large
Released: December 19, 2011
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free


The major US  labor and employment firm, Littler Mendelson P.C. , has put its foot forward with a firm iPhone app.

Features of the app include:

  • Attorney biographies
  • Practice area descriptions
  • Access to an array of firm publications:  “ASAPs”, Littler Insights newsletters, Littler Reports (comprehensive reviews of legal trends), other attorney-written articles, and blogs posts
  • Firm office locations (including maps)

One challenge presented to Littler as well as other firms and their mobile apps is how to present a significant amount of information within the limits of a mobile interface. No one likes to scroll down many pages of information to hopefully find their desired piece of information. Littler begins to address this challenge in a few places. For biographies, at the bottom of the page, one can push a button to see only bios related to office locations or law schools (I’m not sure how helpful the later is). For many of the publications, there are options at the bottom of the page to see publications by geographic region or practice area. (While limiting by practice area is a helpful device, the list of practice areas is so big that navigation through the list is not easy.) Another observation — an unfortunate aspect of the app — when I tried to download a number of the full documents/publications, I received an HTTP Error.

– Law App Guy