Womble Carlyle Digital Law

Law Firm: Womble Carlyle
Firm Size: Large
Released: January 16, 2012
Platform: iPhone (iTunes), Blackberry (App World)
Cost: Free

Womble Carlyle has recently produced an interesting law firm app, not so much for its features but its focus. Most law firms have produced apps that provide firm-wide information; other law firms produce apps that focus on a particular resource about a practice area. Womble Carlyle combines both approaches in one app, by providing information about only one particular practice/industry group: “Digital Media Law”.

Major segments of the app include:

  • Practice group news and event announcements
  • Blog posts from the firm’s Technology Law and Privacy law blogs
  • A searchable directory of attorneys in this area
  • Firm and practice group descriptions

Womble Carlyle has included push notifications into the app, notifying subscribers whenever a new alert or blog post is published.  John Robinson, VP Marketing and Strategy at Panvista, the app’s developer said:

Receiving too much email is a problem we all suffer from, which makes it difficult for marketers to get important information noticed in the inbox. By delivering alerts using push notifications, Womble Carlyle has positioned themselves to be the first firm people hear from when important things happen in the Digital Media practice area.

Womble would surely get our attention if the firm decides to publish a gamut of apps, one for each of the major practice groups at the firm. (We would not recommend such an approach, but it would get our attention.)

– Law App Guy