So, Your Firm Plans To Do the Mobile Web…

We have seen a number of posts in other blogs encouraging law firms to focus on the mobile web. While we don’t necessarily agree with recommendations to skip mobile apps altogether, we do agree that the mobile web is an important opportunity for firm to more effectively present information to current and prospective clients.

Whether you use an internal development team or an outside developer, we strongly encourage you to either hire a User Interface specialist or at least be confident that your development team really appreciates how to modify your full website for the benefit of a mobile user.

To give you an idea of mobile sites need a little work, check out the WTF Mobile Web site. As the site explains,

This [site] isn’t meant to be mean. Hopefully it’s helpful.

Believe me, I’m not self righteous about this. I’ve made a grand total of one website that works awesome on any device: desktop, tablets, phones, and whatnot. I’ve been making websites since 1996. You do the math.

The problem isn’t any one person. The problem is that we’ve all been doing this thing called Making a Website for a long time in a particular way. And now everything is changing. Sure some developers are resistant to learning new things, but most developers are interested, excited and willing. But this isn’t a problem that you can fix by just switching out which bit of code to use. It’s bigger than that. Content strategy, design, business all have to change. The fundamental way in which people work together to plan and coordinate the creation of a website has to change. It’s not easy to go into work one day and say to a big team, “Hey, uh, we need to restructure our design process and completely change what we are doing with our mobile web strategy. Uh, why? Yeah, just because.”

We need better reasons. Real examples. Proof that what we are all doing is not working anymore. That’s what this website is about. Examples convince. Seeing trends makes us smarter. The problem isn’t insurmountable if it’s known. So let’s get to know the problem.

 So good luck with your mobile web law firm site, and, when it doubt, think about the user.

– Law App Guy