Which law firm will be the first to provide clients mobile file access and up-to-date status reports? Hint: Not an amlaw firm

Law Firm: The Kelly Law Firm, LLC
Firm Size: Small
Released: July 25, 2011
Platform: iPhone (App store), Android
Cost: Free


The Kelly Law Firm, LLC has brought together a number of online technologies to produce a unique law firm app to connect the firm with its clients and others.

Features of the dual-plaform (iPhone and Android) mobile application include:

  • Live chat with firm personnel
  • Payment for services within the app via PayPal
  • Access to the client’s files stored in Dropbox
  • Viewing of case information via Basecamp
  • News and blog entries, including the firm’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn feeds
  • Case evaluation form for potential new clients

What is technologically creative about this app is that the Kelly Law Firm has found a way to integrate established web services into its mobile application. By using services such as PayPal (mobile payments), BaseCamp (project management), and DropBox (cloud file storage), the firm is able to offer a pretty impressive platform for clients to access their information. Using specialized servers and software to do the same tasks would have cost orders of magnitude more.

This law firm has set a technology bar in the production of its app. Other small firms are sure to follow. While larger firms are not likely to rely on these types of services, hopefully they will be inspired to integrate more client-focused functionality into their future mobile applications.

– Law App Guy