Rosen Law Firm

Law Firm: Rosen Law Firm
Firm Size: Small
Released: January 6, 2011
Platform: iPhone (App store), Android (App Brain)
Cost: Free


The Rosen Law Rosen has created a niche resource app that determines the amount of child support that should be paid to or received by families in North Carolina. The calculator app, available for both iPhone and Android platforms, uses the North Carolina Child Support Guidelines to provide the basis for its calculations.

The calculator determines support levels for sole custody, split custody, and shared custody utilizing North Carolina Worksheets, and applying the correct rules based on the answers to questions.

Divorce lawyer, Lee Rosen, said,

Our goal has always been to make the divorce process less of a mystery. Divorce is never easy and we hope that by making the tools more accessible, you can take control and get on with your life sooner.

– Law App Guy