Mergers & Acquisitions Quick Reference Guide

Law Firm: McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP
Firm Size: Large
Released: June 29, 2011
Platform: iPhone (App store)
Cost: Free


McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP has created a resource app related to its M&A practice. More specically, its Mergers & Acquisitions Guide contains issues and documents involved in a merger or acquisition transaction. The information is indexed by document type and fully searchable.

The app features the ability to allow users to bookmark pages, navigate to specific chapters, and search for and highlight text.

This resource contains sections on key topics in M&A transactions, including: letters of intent, engagement letters and non-disclosure agreements; representations and warranties; disclosure letters; tax considerations; ERISA concerns; cross-border transactions; intellectual property considerations; and unique aspects of the acquisition of a division.

Corporate Department Chair Wayne N. Bradley remarked,

We developed this app for our clients and others who are involved in deal activity who need either advice or a primer on the key aspects, issues and documents involved in M&A transactions. Now they can access this information whenever they need it.

– Law App Guy

Updated on September 13, 2011