Samuel Phillips

Law Firm: Samuel Phillips (UK)
Firm Size: Medium
Released: September 14, 2010
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free

This App focuses on the Samuel Phillips’ expertise in UK employment law and is intended to be a resource for UK HR managers and business owners relating to employment related matters. This firm has put in more specialized content into its app other resource-type apps done by other firms.

Features of the App includes information and check-lists relating to:

  • Employment tribunals
  • Employees’ rights in relation to family-friendly leave
  • Disciplinary meetings and checklist
  • National minimum wage
  • Age discrimination & retirement
  • Redundancy checklists and payment calculator
  • Outlines of processes relating to statutory retirement
  • Employment Law update

As a relatively unique item by a law firm, the firm has created a professionally designed a mini-site (here), which explains about the the app.

In the firm’s press releaseDavid Laud, the firm’s Chief Executive, said:

Resources and available time can be very limited for directors and managers and many wish to concentrate on the priorities of their business rather than spend time monitoring changes in UK employment law. This new App from Samuel Phillips gives them confidence that any relevant information and changes in legislation are easily accessible. Through this one source, they can quickly and easily navigate their way to relevant information, or keep an eye on any changes which might affect their company. It’s a simple and free service of use to any size of business. In addition they can view the range of online services and downloads…

Robert Gibson, Head of employment law at Samuel Phillips Law Firm, added:

Our clients are becoming increasingly sophisticated in how they access information – this new App addresses the need for easily accessible information available wherever and whenever it suits the client. We believe this new App will be a vital tool for all human resources professionals and serves as an ideal extra strand of communication between us and our clients.

– Law App Guy