Law Firm Skips the Apps and Goes Right to a Whole Client iPad!

While many law firms are producing mobile applications for smart phones (as documented in our blog), the Arizona Republic newspaper reports that two attorneys, Marc Lamber and James Goodnow, from the Arizona firm Fennemore Craig has bested all them by giving out full iPads to its top 20 personal-injury clients.

Since the firm’s personal injury clients tend to be working-class people who do not necessary have their own Blackberrys, the iPads provide the clients with an important communications link with the lawyers. The iPads allow the clients to easily ask questions or obtain information about their case. One of their clients has used the unit to take a video of her injuries and to conduct Skype video conferences with the lawyers. The tablet computers are returned to the law firm when a case is over.

Fennemore has truly raised the bar on the use of mobile technology to improve client-service.

– Law App Guy