Phrase Buster – Allens Arthur Robinson’s First App is a … Game?

Law Firm: Allens Arthur Robinson (Australia)
Firm Size: Large
Released: June 2011
Platform: iPhone (iTunes – currently only in the Australian Store)
Cost: Free

While MoFo may have been the first large law firm to include a game as part of a mobile app, Allens Arthur Robinson is likely the first such firm to make their first mobile app a game. The iPhone App, called “Phrase Buster”, is targeted at the student recruitment market.

Gameplay involves unscrambling phrases in one of five categories (Speeches, Law & Order, Sport, Entertainment, Literature). Individual words descend down the screen and the user assembles the words into the correct positions to spell out famous phrases. Bonus points are awarded for spotting bogus words and the speed at which phrases are assembled.

The app also includes information about the firm and a link to the firm’s website.

In the firm’s Press Release, Allens Web & Extranets Manager David Bradbury said,

This is the first app that the firm has built. We wanted to try something different to a re-packaged, slimmed down, version of our website. We also wanted to engage with the graduate market in a fun, unusual and challenging way, so we came up with the concept behind Phrase Buster.

Allens Director of Marketing & Client Services, David McClune added,

The use and popularity of apps across a range of tablet and smart phone platforms is beginning to rival time spent on websites. Allens is committed to moving with the technological times and is always looking out for opportunities to improve its offering to clients.

– Law App Guy