My Attorney: Jason Turchin

Law Firm: Law Office of Jason Turchin
Firm Size: Small
Released: September 12, 2010
Platform: iPhone (iTunes), Android (Android Market)
Cost: Free

This App from Jason Turchin presents an outreach app for his personal injury practice. In order to be more engaging to potential clients, the application moves beyond just being a vehicle for information about the attorney, but also acts as a resource for accident situations.

Features of the app include:

  • Accident checklists
  • Submitting case information (including photos) to the firm
  • Access to the firm’s Twitter feed and Facebook page
  • Office contact and location listings with map integration
  • Prior settlements/verdicts

Apparently, Jason Turchin is both an attorney and an app developer. Other lawyers and law firms who want to publish a similar App can hire him. Check out his App web site here. It is not clear how many people would install such an application before an accident (Need a Lawyer? There’s an App for That), but perhaps once individuals become clients of Mr. Turchin, having them install the app is a way of enhancing the attorney-client relationship.

– Law App Guy