Law Firm: Barnetts Solicitors (UK)
Firm Size: Small
Released: October 21, 2009
Platform: iPhone (iTunes)
Cost: Free

Barnetts Solicitors, a UK law firm specializing in Conveyancing and Personal Injury, created an iPhone app to provide potential clients with a price quote and current clients with the ability to track the progress of cases in real time.

A user can enter the property price and select whether he or she is buying or selling, and the App returns the level of fees required for the firm to handle the matter. Users can then forward their contact information, and specialists from the firm will contact the client.

With respect to matter tracking, a user can enter a case reference number and password. The App then displays key milestones for that client from the firm’s case management system. Clients receive updates via SMS when key milestones are triggered.

In a press releaseRichard Barnett, Senior Partner at the firm, remarked

“In the last few years, conveyancers have been challenged to provide the best possible service at the most competitive price. To succeed with this goal, the use of the latest techniques and technologies has to be embraced… The natural progression of this pursuit has resulted in Barnetts releasing the first ‘app’ from a conveyancing firm in this country for the benefit of clients.”

– Law App Guy